This is a great starter kit, everything you need to

get started growing your own Wheatgrass.

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  • Growing and Juicing Instructions
  • 4 pounds of ORGANIC Wheat-grass Seed
  • Supply of Azomite
  • The Kit includes 4 each 21”x10″ reusable growing trays
  • 4 pounds of organic Wheatgrass Seed
  • Organic Growing Mix- completely animal free and forest based

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Ten days to super-nutritious healthy juice.  Each kit comes with easy to understand directions to grow your own wheat-grass.  This wheat grass kit is perfect for growing grasses in your kitchen.  Included is an organic growing mix and Axomite.  Axomite is natural and is added so your grass will have all the required minerals for maximum health benefits.

A Masticating juicer is the only type of juicer which is capable of chewing up and squeezing juice out of grass.

Did you know that Wheatgrass is one of the most healthiest substances on earth.  Yet it has not caught on in the common househould.  It has been reported that consuming Wheat-grass has an, increase in energy levels, allergies clear up, gray hairs vanish, skin clears up, and colds and illness disappear forever and lot more.  You might call it a fountain of youth or a miracle food.  Yes, that is what it is.

But why, Wheatgrass?

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Which has been shown to build red blood cells quickly and bring the blood pressure down.  It does this by destroying poisonous carbon dioxide, dilating blood pathways and promoting higher metabolism.

It is an excellent source of Vitamins B,C,E and carotene which help rid our bodies of free radicals.
Wheatgrass is also highly regarded for its ability to cleanse the blood, organs and gastrointestinal tract. Because it is also high in saponin, wheatgrass offers excellent support to the lymphatic system, helping to carry away hundreds and thousands of toxins from the cells of the body.

High Amino Acid Content

Amino acids are the building blocks of protein. They are absolutely essential to our growth and cell regeneration.

Fights and Protects Against Illness

Wheatgrass juice is an effective way of boosting the body’s immune system to fight against and recover from illnesses. It is great source of beta carotene, which contains most of the B vitamins and vitamins C, E, H and K, and also contains over 19 amino acids and 90 different minerals.  It plays a significant role in weight loss.  This is due to the active enzymes which help to break down fats.  Again, coming back to the chlorophyll content of Wheatgrass this can protect the body from carcinogens more effectively than any other food.

The health benefits of adding wheatgrass to your diet are huge.  So what are you waiting for…

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